ugh you're so annoying. you think all that stuff you said + being 20 and never in a relationship makes you a loser? i'm 20 and i haven't had a single relationship, but i don't consider myself a loser, at all. seriously, grow up. you're clearly an intelligent person (you're made it to university), stop under-selling and downing yourself. you're not a loser.

ummmm….ok this is one of those instances where reading the tags on something/knowing its context would change the way you looked at that photo and note. The context of that picture and calling myself a loser is that the theme of tonight’s episode of The Chris Gethard Show is ‘Loser is the New Nerd’. The point is to get people to own the things that they are insecure about or things about themselves that others find odd. TCGS has this idea of taking ownership of the word loser kinda like the word nerd was by people who now wear the term as a badge of honor.

All the things I listed are things for which I have been made fun of for at some point in time. Some of them seem silly, like the Ben & Jerry’s comment, but even that was meant to get at a larger insecurity I occasionally have. For that comment I was trying to get at how my love of 90’s time SNL, and history in general, has been something that I have been made fun of for before and impaired my ability to relate to people my own age.

Yeah, I know that there’s a lot of people who have it worse than me and that I am INCREDIBLY lucky to be where I am today, but that doesn’t mean that I do not occasionally trip up and have moments where I am insecure about those things that I listed. 

What I regret about that post is that I forgot to add that I am more happy with myself now then I ever have been in the past. While I still get down on myself occasionally, viewing TCGS and participating in its community of views has always left me feeling not alone and surrounded by people with a similar outlook on life. 

If you want to actually know the context of that post here’s a link to the last ‘Loser is the New Nerd’ episode. If you don’t like their ideas that’s fine, but at least you’ll know the context.